Welcome to Donaldson Way!

What an exciting start to the new school year with seeing familiar and new faces as we made our way to the DWES campus.  There’s Mr. Quisenberry making sure that everyone is safe and driving carefully in the parking lot.  The classroom assignments posted on the side of the staff/teacher’s lounge area and the dragon wall.  Our principal, Mrs. Abelon greeting everyone and always with her warm smile.  Mr. Bob Southard, our current PTA president and other DWES staff members assisting parents and students to find their rooms.

The first day of any new school year is mixed with anticipation, excitement, nervousness and sometimes anxiety.  It sets the tone for the year to come.  We at Donaldson Way Elementary School PTA are dedicated to do our best for our students and the community.  We invite you to be our partners in this mission.  Over the next few days, we will post more information on this website, Facebook and also in the campus for activities that we have planned for this school year.

Our other PTA board members include the following:

  • Mr. Ciro Martinez, Vice President
  • Ms. Jeri Sorensen Zepeda, Secretary
  • Ms. Dana Plummer, Treasurer

We will post a page with their photos so you will be able to recognize them.  Please stop and say “hi” so we can start a conversation!